JamQuest Philly!

Philadelphia had a BLAST hosting our first ever JQH event! We had many people come out to support and raise money for our local chapter’s Saturday Academy program. The Saturday Academy is a program of HOPE worldwide and was developed to provide a safe environment on Saturday mornings for elementary and middle school children in North Philadelphia. The Academy curriculum includes a variety of fun classes such as: computer technology training, cultural studies, performing arts, sports, and photography. The program promotes character development; teaches conflict resolution skills; builds self-confidence,self-respect and responsibility.There were about 45 people participating in the tournament with many more that just came to support! In total we raised a little over $1000! Philly can’t wait for the next one!

“Hosting and organizing a JamQuest event has taught me so much! I can walk away from this knowing that I not only was a part of raising funds for a great cause but also that this event has made me a better overall leader.  I realized how much effort needed to be put in to this event in order for it to be successful.”

– Josh Mott

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