Kenyan Superstar

This is Irene! Because of your support for JamQuest, Irene has been able to go to school and has been first in her class the past two years! Basically, Irene is a superstar in her community! She has dreams of being an accountant and helping other people the way she has been helped! What an amazing and incredible young lady! She blew us away! She is one of our heroes!


Not So Different

“Steve is about the same age as me, 20 years old, and has many of the same interests. It was crazy talking to him and finding how much we have in common even though our lifestyles are so different. He loves basketball just like me, he loves to have fun and he’s just a regular guy who was super easy to relate to. I was shocked to hear how tragic his story was because he and I have so much in common. Steve’s mom died when he was 3 months old and he’s never met his father. His grandmother raised him until the year 2006, then she died as well. His aunt took him in even though she already had 12 kids of her own. Due to there being so many other kids to take care of Steve wasn’t able to go to school because of the price. He helped his aunt sell coal, which was their only source of income. He told me that on days that they don’t sell coal they don’t have enough money to eat dinner. Luckily JamQuest began to sponsor Steve so he was able to go back to school and get an education. He said that his dream is to be a mechanic and make enough money to provide for his whole family so that they will never have to struggle like this again. In spite of Steve’s ridiculously difficult living situation he is still so grateful for what he does have. He’s an inspiration to me and I’m going to help him any way that I can from now on. Don’t forget that the majority of the world does not have the same luxurious life that you do, so never take it for granted.” – David Fleurant

David and Steve are pictured here!


JamQuest Philly!

Philadelphia had a BLAST hosting our first ever JQH event! We had many people come out to support and raise money for our local chapter’s Saturday Academy program. The Saturday Academy is a program of HOPE worldwide and was developed to provide a safe environment on Saturday mornings for elementary and middle school children in North Philadelphia. The Academy curriculum includes a variety of fun classes such as: computer technology training, cultural studies, performing arts, sports, and photography. The program promotes character development; teaches conflict resolution skills; builds self-confidence,self-respect and responsibility.There were about 45 people participating in the tournament with many more that just came to support! In total we raised a little over $1000! Philly can’t wait for the next one!

“Hosting and organizing a JamQuest event has taught me so much! I can walk away from this knowing that I not only was a part of raising funds for a great cause but also that this event has made me a better overall leader.  I realized how much effort needed to be put in to this event in order for it to be successful.”

– Josh Mott

Athens 2015!

We had an amazing event last weekend in Athens, GA! It was the first time that we had JamQuest at the University of Georgia and it was extremely successful! We raised about $1,400 and over 100 people came out to support! Although the money we raised was awesome, we believe that we did something even more powerful. After all that has gone on in Kenya over the last few weeks, we realized we had the opportunity to bring light, encouragement, and hope to a country that hasn’t had much. We had the opportunity to show that love and light truly does drive out fear and darkness! We are so excited for more events at UGA in the future! Thanks to everyone who came out!

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