What Happens at a JQH Event?


At a JamQuest Hoops event there is something for everyone. Once you come in and check-in with your team, we all gather and the person running the event will give an update on what JamQuest is all about and what has been happening with it around the world and with the people we are helping. Then we will begin with a round robin tournament which is just for fun. Guys teams will play girls teams, younger guys vs older guys, just to have some fun and hang out with one another. Usually that lasts about 4-5 games and then we will play a single-elimination tournament with a prize at the end for those that want a little more competition. The big part of JamQuest is that it is not just for basketball players. We want everyone to come out and have a good time even if they haven’t played basketball before. However, we will have more competitive parts for the more serious ballers. Also, if you don’t want to play, we LOVE when people come to support and cheer people on! Cheering sections make the event exciting! It also shows these kids that we are helping that there are people out there that care about them. The money that we raise is great, but it is more important to them to see that people care about them. It gives them so much hope and faith. So come on out and join a JamQuest event and let’s have a blast changing the world together!

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